Business Services

As a business owner, you face many challenges to achieving success.  The time and energy you must commit to your business can be substantial.  That's why, to ensure that your business survives and grows, it helps to have a financial partner who understands your needs and cares deeply about your success.

At First Point Financial we have the expertise to help guide a business owner through the complicated financial issues you often encounter and be a strategic resource you can rely on to make sure your business run as smoothly as possible.  With a comprehensive view of your business, we work with your accountant, property casualty agent, attorney and business advisors.

We are here to help simplify your financial life -- in your business and in your personal life as well.

What keeps you up at night?  Give us a call and we'll point to resources and help guide you through the decisions.

Business Services include:

  • Qualified Plans
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Funding with Life Insurance
  • Key Employee Life Insurance
  • Corporate Owned Insurance (COLI)
  • Group Life/disabilty insurance
  • Business Continutiy planning
  • Estate Planning Funding Strategies and Wealth Preservation
  • Stock Option Planning